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« You are the bravest exploring kitty there is, but, you have stranded your small boat in an island. As the explorer you are, you decide to exploit the situation and investigate the island, creating a map for this uncharted (but not uninhabited) island »


Catography is a collectathon platformer, with a cute and cosy aesthetic, and most importantly… Filled with kittens!!!
Your main and only goal consists on exploring and creating a map for this island you've just discovered. That's right, you are a cartographer cat :3

Make sure to visit every corner of this small island, help the kitties that live there, and discover all the cute places there are.

What to do in Arcadia?

  Move around

You are a cat! And a very athletic one, Tofu is able to jump, double jump, dive, climb and more… You'll need to combine all these skills to make full use of its capabilities.


Someone has left a mess on the island, there are yarn balls everywhere!
Luckily, you are there to collect them (surely for very important reasons). Maybe the lovely villagers can do something with them…


Don't forget you are a catographer! I mean… cartographer. It's essential you complete the map of the island, I'm sure it will reveal to you some secrets.

 Talk and help

Finally, don't forget to talk to your whisker pals. Each one has some meow to do, some will also need your paw with something (always coming with a fresh reward).
Each one of the inhabitants requires its own home, try to collect the resources to build everyone a refugee.



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AuthorsKoalaInABox, SrTrinate, Rkna, Joan Mesalles, Ian Dorado, sarayangs, Josep Albareda
Tags3D Platformer, Cats, Cozy, Cute, Exploration, wholesome


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Amazing little demo you got here! Looking forward to seeing what you make of it!


Me ha encantado el juego, por eso mismo se lo hemos aconsejado a nuestros seguidores en nuestro podcast.

Espero que tenga mucho éxito.

Loved seeing this game at DEMODAY. When I played it afterwards I enjoyed it a great deal. It's supposed to be played with Controller, but it was nice to find out it's also playable with keyboard. However, the dash button being enter was hard to play with because I had to use my right hand for either aiming the camera or dash jumping. But not both at the same time. I pressed every button but I couldn't Confirm buying a house, so I couldn't finish it. One last suggestion is to make the dash available without having to jump for faster movement over the map and to reduce the pain of backtracking. Overall: Loved it!


If you combine Dash + Jump just before touching the ground, you will do a long jump. We implemented, so it replaced the sprint button, give it a try and thanks for the feedback :) 


wonderful and very cute game and it's very well made
unfortunately i ran into a big visual issue as the ground and platforms in the game kept turning white and normal again like a lightshow and i can't really play it hurts my eyes, hope this can be fixed soon.


Cute game that has a lot of potential. Only had a few small complaints.

It took a little bit to get my controller to register but I think that had more to do with it being a switch pro controller.

I think that the characters walking speed is just a tiny bit too slow and that the purple yarn balls were a bit hard to see in the pink cliffs but aside from that it was great.

If you combine Dash + Jump just before touching the ground, you will do a long jump. Our intention was to replace the sprint button with the combination of mechanics so it feels nicer to move around.Give it a try and thanks for the feedback! :)


Loved this game! Everything just feels... purrrfect ;)

Hoping to see more content soon and thanks for making this games <3 


Very cute! thank you

Thank you for playing!!! :3


should have listened when they said to use a controller

cant even get past the dive part in the tutorial 

but its a good game 

FREE CAT!!!!!!!!

Sorry to hear that… :(
Keyboard & Mouse support is coming soon! Thanks for playing <3


Hope you like this x - TiKTok

Omggggg, such a cute TikTok, thank you a lot for sharing it <3


I used the GamePad to play. The action felt respectful to Mario 64, plus the controls were really fun and easy to use!  My favorite cat in particular is Waffle.  I built a house for Waffle and I'm sure he played ball all day long with Tofu. Just thinking about it is fun!

This is so cooool!!! Thank you so much for playing and sharing the game. We loved seeing you having that fun :3


This is a very cute game so far.

Thank you :3


This game is pawsome!

we didn't want to be the ones to say it but... it purrfectly is


this is a really fun litttle platformer looking forward to more from you

thank you so much for giving it a try!! :3